February 2014

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PRESIDENT OBAMA: I hereby formally request that you do an EXECUTIVE ORDER to have the Army Corp of Engineers review construction of HELIOHYDROELECTRIC technology projects. This is where you pump seawater inland to flood now existing dry salt lakes with seawater, or pump from underground Alkaline/Salt geologic formations. By flooding the world’s nearly 100,000 or so dry salt lakes, you would ineffect put nearly 10 cubic miles per day of artificial rain in the world’s deserts. Thus reversing desertification. The additional rainfall would stimulate vegetation growth in deserts and nearly by mountains, and thus removing CO2 gases from the atmosphere.

In the USA alone there are nearly 7,000 dry salt lakes in the American West that can be flooded with solar and wind power pumps. Many of these dry salt lakes have huge Alkaline/Salt water geologic formations underneath. In fact, in the American West there is a huge ocean of salt water, you can float a submarine from New Mexico to Utah. By using solar and wind pumps, it would put by my estimates nearly 1 cubic mile of fresh rain water in the atmosphere on a daily basis…thus ending the drought in the US West. As you are aware, California has declared a drought emergency, Texas is not far behind.

These lakes are not entirely dead. But do grow algae, which can be converted into cattle feed and also diesel fuel. If fully developed, the biofuel grown from algae could power the entire USA diesel needs. These flooded salt lakes are also rich in rare metals, like gold, silver, manganese, selenium, etc that can be electrolytically mined. If done so, I envision a day when we would return to the coin standard for currency with the $10 silver coin, the $100 gold coin, and a new coin based on rare metals. It would solve the rare metal shortage.

Some of these projects worldwide are below sealevel. Israel, in cooperation with Jordan and Palestine are building two pipelines from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea. They see it as modifying the climate, by adding additional rainfall in the area. Now when have you ever heard of these cooperating before? As water flows downhill to the Dead Sea, it generates electrical power.

Other below sealevel projects exist. The Saltine Sea, which is now polluted, could have dual pipelines built from Baja to the lake, generating electrical power. This would help modify the climate in Southern California, and should not affect Death Valley. One pipeline would generate power for San Diego, the other for Mexico.

The Quatarra Depression Project in Egypt, may actually bring stability to the country. This area below sealevel could pipe water from the Mediterranean Sea. The electricity generated then could pump additional sea water inland to Egypt’s interior. On the Western Side of the country, there is an ancient dry river system, that could be restarted. This would provide the younger generation a future. A similar project could be done for Libya, and also for Algeria. Already in Erithea, the ocean is trying to cut through a volcanic formation, flooding an ancient dry lake bed. The Sahara Desert has nearly 50% of the world’s Heliohydroelectric potential, by my estimates.

Australia is right now in the grips of a huge drought, killing wildlife. Already there are dry salt lakes that do flood when a monsoon comes through. By pumping seawater inland using solar and wind technology, it would modify the climate and also help wildlife. Similar projects can be done for China, Mongolia, South Africa and Mexico. This would help stimulate the economies, and provide employment for nearly a billion people.

This is actually no more visionary than what TVA was during the Roosevelt Administration. A little history, Tennessee looked like New Mexico with all the environmental destruction. Roosevelt built these, bringing the USA out of a depression. In those days, we called Oklahoma, the Dust Bowl…today we call it the Sahara Desert.

I wish to emphasize your diplomatic problem with Syria isn’t political. IT IS THE WATER. Syria is in the mist of a huge drought, with the country is literally committing suicide over lack of water. If you got the parties to just talk about solving the water problem, I believe you will find a solution. Iran for example, has a huge drought, with Lake Urmia dry. If for example, as part of the diplomatic conversations, you instruct Kerry to focus on HelioHydroElectric technology, where we pump seawater inland to Iran, you may find a common core. We could trade with Iran, oil for US technology to build the salt water projects. Iran and the US need a good project to cooperate on.

Of interest, if these projects were fully developed, it would remove pollution and radiation from the ocean, and over a period of centuries, you could see the ocean become fresh water. The pollution and radiation would be stored safely in the geologic salt formations of the salt lakes.

Key to this is the development of low cost solar and wind water pumping technology. I believe there are innovations that can reduce the cost. My US Patent 8,360,052 issued Jan 29,2013, is one such example. Ironically, the invention of the “half shell parabolic” was used by ancient Egyptians to melt bricks for the pyramids. The use of “wind chimneys” common in Iran for example, could reduce the cost of wind technology. Whatever, my advice to you, is tax the oil.

As part of the upcoming talk on issues concerning the XLKeystone Oil Pipeline, may I recommend that you tax the oil, and then use the tax to build these HelioHydroElectric Projects. The policy should be “molecule per molecule”…for every molecule of CO2 added to the atmosphere, another molecule of CO2 needs to be removed. The oil companies would be required to drill for salt water. Keep in mind there would be associated algae rights and extraction rights for rare metals. Australia, for example, has huge oil and gas reserves, that could be taxed to build their portion of HelioHydroElectric.

We really need something that captures the world’s attention, and get everyone working in the same direction. For example, if the oil was taxed to construct a bicycle trail system next to every federal and state highway, a trail system separate from traffic and safe, it would provide employment in rural areas, exactly where we need employment, and provide rural areas an alternative form of transportation cheaper than gasoline powered cars…thus stimulating economic development in rural areas. A national ‘Interstate highway’ for bicycles would be better than having people be on unemployment. States for example, could use severance taxes on oil and gas to finance construction. This would be nice, with bicycle camping, shade trees, solar water distillation, rest stops, bridges, plants, etc. It would in fact be lovely to have a bicycle trail next to every major highway. Something the nation would love. …not unlike the WPA days of the 1930s.

I trust you see the importance of what I am talking about. I don’t really have the resources to do this “masters thesis”, but the Army of Corps of Engineers do. So let me ask the questions. How many people would it employ? How fast can it build? Where would the pipelines go? How many salt water wells would be drilled? How much solar and wind energy would be required? What would it’s impact on the climate be? How does it affect CO2 removal? What are the materials requirements? What is it’s revenue and cost? I would be curious to know what the computer projections would read.

The reason why it is called HELIO, is the force of the sun creates rain, which in turn creates hydropower for existing hydrodams. As you are aware, the hydrodams along the Colorado are drying. Evaporation of sea/salt water would put more water into the Federal Hydrodams.

I can tell you this much. I did do similar research on this in my college days at New Mexico State University. I wanted to know what the resource was for growing algae, and it’s impact on the water of the Rio Grande. I found myself severely reprimanded by the Reagan Administration, specifically Hodding Carter and John Herrington. They wanted it suppressed. A partial answer may be this. Expende Parente, the inventor of the biofuel formula, came from Brazil to visit me in Seattle, and he told me the BioFuel formula was stamped classified. I have the distinct impression that there is an effort going on to discredit.

I see a lot of problems, both in the Middle East and here in the USA. THESE PROBLEMS WOULD BE SOLVED IF WE AGGRESSIVELY DEVELOP THESE WATER PROJECTS. With them the human race may actually have a chance at survival…. but without them I see a dark future.

I plead with you. This is your job. Direct the Army Corps of Engineers to review these projects, worldwide, and rank and prioritize them, and come up with some kind of estimates.


But no one is talking about it; I ask why?

I can help.

Respectfully submitted,
Martin Nix

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