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Q:How Much Electrical Power Will It Take to Pump This Volume of Sea and Fresh Water Inland to Flood Desert Lakes?

A: We really do not know. The power requirements are huge, but I can attest that it is on the order of 10,000 or 100,000 really big big power plants. Probably more than 10 times the amount of electrical power mankind right now makes. BUT. The solar energy resource is huge. If we can use solar energy to make solar energy equipment, we might have that capability. The calculations haven't been done, but I ask the question. How much energy does it take to pump 10 cubic miles EACH DAY, uphill? It will require computer simulations.


A: The potential for electrical power from geothermal development of Yellowstone is huge. The potential of using this electrical power for example to pipe water from the Great Lakes to Wyoming is there. There is one additional advantage. Geothermal development could potentially keep this super volcano from erupting. If it did, it would really destroy the eco-system and economy of the entire U.S. East Coast, and adversely affect the world's climate. Should it be done?


A: Few know this, but yes, we can turn hydrodams backwards and have the pump water uphill. The generators become motors, instead of generators. Where does the electricity come from? Solar Energy. In effect, people's homes now make electricity on their roof tops, and sell the electricity to the hydrodams. Now the hydrodams pump Mississippi Flood water to Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, etc. This increases water for agriculture, but more importantly, it removes more CO2 from the atmosphere, and reduces the flooding in New Orleans.

Q: What about the Impact on Fisheries?

A: Huge, but maybe beneficial. Keep in mind many of these dry rivers have no fish in them whatsoever, ie Saudi Arabia. But if we were to restart these rivers in deserts, it would open up opportunity for fish. Visualize for a second, we were to turn the hydrodams on the Columbia and Snake River backwards. That means we have two river systems operating, one going uphill. Small fish swim down the river, while big fish swim up. The nets below are too small for big fish. In effect,the outlets for the turbines become inlets and the inlets for the turbines become outlets. Small fish can't fight the water coming out. In effect, the hydrodams are pumping water uphill, which puts more water in the fish ladders. Just creative thinking, but noone has ever asked the question. Yes we can turn rivers backwards. But why? Maybe to give the farmers more water for agriculture, and as a result increasing more rainfall from all the plants. Thus removing more CO2. The energy for these hydrodams would come from solar energy and wind energy. In effect the electrical power grid now becomes a collection system, not a distribution system. We sell power from our roof tops to the hydrodams.

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